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Just Go with It

Just Go with It was directed by Dennis Dugan and released in 2011. IMDB represents the following short description about this film:

On a weekend trip to Hawaii, a plastic surgeon convinces his loyal assistant to pose as his soon-to-be-divorced wife in order to cover up a careless lie he told to his much-younger girlfriend…

I have to admit that it is an unusual plot, well, at least for me. Without a doubt I was more than interested to watch Just Go With It. An additional reason was Danny, played by Adam Sandler who is a great comic in my eyes.

However, I can’t say that I was totally satisfied or disappointed. Just Go With It surely has some funny situations; still, most of the movie isn’t something special. If you compare past works of Adam Sandler, they are surely better. I’ve watched most of his previous movies at a stretch and laughed much more. Well, I guess it’s just that romance isn’t my top genre. I prefer more jokes related to “pranks” or “not-clever” actions. 🙂

On the other hand, the acting of other actors, like Jennifer Aniston (Katherine) and Nick Swardson (Eddie), was very nice too. That’s why, the movie can’t be called boring by no means. It is still worth watching, though I am sure you’ll guess who Danny will eventually marry right away.

Just Go with It trailer

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 Sacrifice is a tough movie that shows a world of drugs and drug dealings. It was directed by Damian Lee in 2011 who tries to represent this important and dangerous problem as close to reality as possible.

The main hero of the movie is John Hebron (Cuba Gooding Jr.). He is a good cop whose wife and child were mercilessly killed due to one of his operation against a drug dealer. In general, Sacrifice is full of sexual and some cruel scenes that are surely shouldn’t be seen by people under 16.

However, not all of the actions are around John. At the same time also develops the story of Mike (Devon Bostick) and Angel (Arcadia Kendal). They are a brother and a sister who have no relatives; the only source of income is Mike. However, he has to work as a drug dealer in order to survive.

The whole point in Sacrifice is astonishing a viewer. The drugs may be carried in so many ways that most of us won’t even guess all of the options. For example, Mike stills a statue of Holy Maria which is fully made out of heroin!

Of course, experienced and influent “drug-baron”, Arment (Kim Coates), doesn’t like the fact that his 20 millions are gone. His people kill Mike, though the secret is hidden in the Angel’s toy. The moment she is adopted by John for a couple of days, a battle between him and Arment starts…

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Gulliver’s Travels

 Gulliver’s Travels is a comedy that was directed by Rob Letterman and released in 2010. It is based on a great book by Jonathan Swift, which has the same title.

 Gulliver’s Travels is set in real time and shows us the unbelievable story of Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black). Lemuel works as a mail-deliverer, who doesn’t care about his life or is pretty shy and afraid to struggle for promotion. Anyway, he has been doing the same job for 10 years by the time we meet him. o_O

However, one day he shamelessly lies to his beloved Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet) and she gives him a task to review a trip to Bermuda Triangle. Of course, part of the task is to travel there by himself! 😀

As soon as our hero gets there, he is caught into a huge overfall and later finds himself tied up by tiny people. I have to admit that I was really impressed by the visual effects through all the movie. I really liked the design of Liliput, I mean all the buildings were really beautiful. I guess it’s no surprise that the estimated budget was $112 000 000!

During his visit to Liliput Lemuel goes through changes. At first he lies about everything that is related to him in order to look “cool” in the eyes of the tiny citizens. However, by the end of the movie he somewhat becomes a real man and even fights against huge robot that was built by the enemies of Liliput. Though all the battles and conflicts, like arguing, in Gulliver’s Travels were based on humor, I can’t say that they were really funny. Once or two I even caught myself getting bored. Maybe too many jokes isn’t a good idea, after all?

Anyway, I rate Gulliver’s Travels 8 out of 10. In the end, this movie isn’t senseless and problems represented in it are pretty common.

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Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles was directed by Jonathan Liebesmen and released in 2011.

The movie lasts 116 mins and shows us a tough battle between humans and aliens who came to Earth in order to steal water. For a strange reason aliens started attacking us without even trying to negotiate, which isn’t a surprise already. According to most of the films, the more non-human creatures are advanced, the stronger is their desire to kill us. o_O

I agree that such a concept isn’t new due to a large number of other similar movies. However, Battle Los Angeles has it’s own, more or less “fresh”, ideas: the action is frequently seen from the 1st person; the camera is placed between heroes most of the time; the story is shown from the point of view of soldiers and not civilians, which I have never met before. Those three features cause you a feeling like you’re inside the screen and yours life is in danger, as well. I was simply attached to my seat during all 116 mins. 🙂

The last thing that creators of the movie needed was a good cast. On the one hand, all second-role characters were played by appropriate actors. I really enjoyed watching TSgt. Elena Santos (Michelle Rodriguez) and Cpl. Lee Imlay (Will Rothhaar) along with the others.

On the other hand, I don’t think that Aaron Eckhart who played the main character, Sgt. Michael Nantz, was the best choice. Michael attacks alone aliens and even alien spacecrafts several times in the movie, which surely can’t be done by a simple man.

That’s why, I think that such a character should look more or like a “beast” (a strong fighter whose braveness and strength make him look a bit different from others). Now, I don’t want to say that Mr. Eckhart is a bad actor. It’s just that I see him suitable more for roles of politicians or secret agents. And Michael Nantz should have been played by someone like Vin Diesel.

Anyway, Battle Los Angeles is a descent picture; I rate it with 9 stars out of 10. If you are a science fiction fan, you surely shouldn’t miss this one…

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How Do You Know

How Do You Know is a romantic movie which was directed by James L. Brooks and released in December 2010.

It shows us a story of a player, Lisa (Reese Witherspoon), who was cut from USA softball team and struggles to rearrange her living into a happy life. She has to choose between her current boyfriend, Matty (Owen Wilson), and George (Paul Rudd) who is a corporate guy in crisis.

The first thing that I liked about this film was casting. All actors who played main heroes of this drama are well known, well, Reese Witherspoon I have seen for the first time. 😉

Taking in consideration that Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson participated in How Do You Know, it seemed to me that it was going to be a comedy, a great one. However, I was disappointed to see that it was just a modern romantic drama. Moreover, How Do You Know is a long movie – it lasts two hours.

Nevertheless, I have to confess that I enjoyed this picture. 🙂

Lisa , George , Matty (who is a football player by the way), and Charles (Jack Nicholson) turned out to be fascinating characters. Each one of them had his/her own complicated personality, which caused them to do ridiculous things from time to time. As a result, I somewhat “connected” to these characters and two hours went by smoothly. So, you could tell that How Do You Know is one of those dramas that aren’t boring at all. 😉

Based of Lisa’s example, the movie teaches us that there is always a chance to enjoy our lives. Even when your dream crushes into pieces, you can always find out other great things that bring you happiness.

My rating for How Do You Know is 9 out of 10.

How Do You Know trailer

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Due Date 2010

Due Date was directed by Todd Phillipes and released in winter 2010. Luckily the movie is not worth than the similar previous work of Mr. Phillipes, The Hangover (2009).

Due Date is a great comedy which shows us a “happy” momentum in Peter Highman‘s (Robert Downey Jr.) life. He is a successful architect who has just finished his business and plans to go to Los Angeles in order to see the birth of his first child.

Seems like a perfect plan, doesn’t it? Well, it does until Peter meets Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis). Now, what could you possibly expect from a man who uses large amounts of high-class marijuana as a “medicine” almost twenty four hours per day? Yea, problems… a lot of them!

Unfortunately for Peter, he loses all his documents and credit cards in the airport due to Mr. Tremblay. Moreover, he has to travel with this guy to Los Angeles, since no one else can help him. In addition to “problems”, he also gets a broken arm, conflict with a police and even a bullet; which is still not everything… 😀

Due Date 2010 is nicely filmed and the acting of two main heroes is outstanding! I really enjoyed every moment in this movie. To tell you the truth, I actually had a feeling that I am inside this movie and when Peter started to talk about the end of the journey I felt a bit sad along with Ethan. 😉

What can you loose if you watch this movie? Nothing! I rate it with 10 stars out of 10.

Due Date 2010 trailer

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Resident Evil Afterlife

I’ve been waiting for so long to watch Resident Evil Afterlife, because I really liked the first three parts. Unlike many other films about apocalypses and zombies, Resident Evil looks more like science fiction full of horror. Which means, it has an interesting plot and action. Well, at least first three movies had such features… 😉

Resident Evil Afterlife is different from the other parts. First of all, it was filmed in 3D and there are many visual effects during the whole movie, like slow-motion, bullets and weapons flying at you, attacking zombies that “come out of the screen” etc.

In addition, there is a really great music in every fighting scene. Since I haven’t seen a large number of films in 3D yet, I really enjoyed the sound and visual effects; they caused my heart “to break out of my chest”. 😀

However, by the end of Resident Evil Afterlife, I realized that the plot wasn’t that interesting. It seems that creators spent too much time for filming all the 3D scenes, which left them without patience and strength to write a worth-while scenario. If you pay attention, the plot is very similar to the game: Alice (Milla Yovovich) enters a certain location fully-equipped, or picks up necessary weapons at the location (like in the jail-scene), and meets someone or something. If it is a friend, she starts to fight with him/her against zombies and if it is an enemy, Alice kills it. Then she gets into a vehicle or a boat and goes to the next location.

Moreover, there are certain misunderstandings in Resident Evil Afterlife. For example, how “stupid” zombies that could only eat and hardly move in the previous parts, are now able to move underground and break floors? And why in the world can’t they break the gates, then? How did that huge-butcher with enormous hammer appear? I mean, we meet only “small” zombies during all the series and then… surprise, here is a monster which appeared from nowhere. When I decided to watch the movie again (in 2D), all these “plot-holes” really bothered me and I gave it up not even reaching the end of the movie.

That’s why, Resident Evil Afterlife is a movie with cool effects and plot… just a regular plot which is acceptable only for one time. Basing my impression of watching the movie in 3D, I rank it 7 out of 10.

Resident Evil Afterlife trailer

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Predators 2010

When I was a kid, I watched the first movie about Predators with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I really liked it. I think that the main reasons for this are: one of my favourite actors playing the main role, unusual storyline and extension of a man’s physical&mental capabilities when he is put in a dangerous situation. That’s why, I was eager to watch Predators 2010. Though the main character didn’t look as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger did once, I still hoped to see an interesting movie.

On the one hand, I wasn’t disappointed. Nimrod Antal along with Robert Rodriguez and other screenplay writers indeed brought something new to the film. First of all, there is a new location where the whole story takes place – a planet which belongs to Predators.

In addition, the idea of the movie is a bit changed. Predators 2010 shows us how a group of murderers (who are “merciless beasts” on Earth) tries to survive while being hunted on another planet where they are just “insects” comparing to its original habitants. A doctor, a prisoner, a soldier, a mercenary, Yakudza leader, Russian spetsnaz fighter and a gangster have to team up in order to survive; which is different from the first part where Arnold Schwarzenegger was a single “hero”.

On the other hand, I think that the movie wasn’t planned good enough. I mean, Predators have a way better technology than ours and even possess a space-ship. Now, does it seem logical that creatures with such capabilities should live in jungles? I, personally, expected to see at least something like a small, but very developed town for huntings…

Another thing that I didn’t like was a lack of imagination. There are shootings, shootings and shootings during the whole movie. Well, except for Yakudza leader’s sword-fight and the final scene with an axe. What made the first movie about Predators so popular is action combined with mind.

I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger creating many interesting traps in order to defeat his enemy. As a result, the final battle scene was amazing. This time, characters realize that they need to use their mind as well, however, we do not actually see the process of preparations. And without process there is no real action.

Anyway, Predators 2010 is worse giving it a try. Depending on what you expect from it to be, you may enjoy the movie. I mean if there were no previous parts, this film would be pretty decent.

My overall rating is 6 out of 10.

Predators 2010 trailer

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Robin Hood 2010

Robin Hood 2010 was directed by Ridley Scott, which shows us adventures of Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) before he became legendary Robin Hood.

When I started to watch this movie, I expected to see another story about fearless protector of weak people. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see king Richard Lionheart (Danny Huston) trying to seize his last castle from the very beginning.

Though Robert Longstride appears in the first scenes, as well, you would hardly understand that he is the main hero if Russell Crowe didn’t play him. In fact, Robin Hood 2010 is like a puzzle, where each scene is “a piece of a large picture”. 🙂

In other words, there are at least three stories about charismatic characters, Robin Longstride, Godfrey (Mark Strong) and Prince John (Oscar Isaac), that cross each other. The struggle between these three bring an enormous amount of interest and enjoyment to audience.

The main advantages of Robin Hood 2010 is a great story line, like I’ve already mentioned, and landscapes. Ridley Scott did once again a great job in filming fighting scenes and “driving” the spectator into the middle age universe. Everything, including clothes, jokes, manners etc., causes you to feel like “you’re inside the screen”.

However, there is a “little” thing that I didn’t like about the movie – it is the ending. As soon as the battle between France and England ends, prince John announces Robin Longstride as a law-breaker (you will see by yourself why he did this). And there is nothing shown about how Robin escaped the soldiers and established his own “kingdom” in the woods. On the other hand, why would we need all previous films about this hero? 😉

Anyway, my overall rating for Robin Hood 2010 is 10 out of 10. This one is indeed a great work!

Robin Hood 2010 trailer

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Warhammer 40000

Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40000 is an animated movie that was directed by Martyn Pick and released in 2010.

The action is set in a distant future, where people are able to travel through galaxies and are at war with the Creatures of Chaos. In other words, we fight against aliens… judging by the last five years in cinematography, tell me why isn’t that a surprise? 😉

Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40000 shows us a story about the special assignment from the Emperor himself to a squad of twelve Ultramarines. They are fearless fighters who have been genetically modified into perfect war-weapons of the Emperor. Well, at least this is what they are ought to be and I need to confess that it is a good fact that some of the characters ask questions and think about their own safety, like any other human. Though their speeches about full obedience to Emperor show that the last quality is unarguable.

So, what can an average science fiction fan possibly expect from a movie about fanatics who are on the right side? I think that the following match perfectly: scenes with great action, great graphics, complicated plot and a feeling of something epic…

While Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40000 partially possess some of the above “items”, it lacks the main one, which is a feeling of something epic. In order to make that feeling closer, I think there should be at least battles between large armies and political plots in the movie. Which is, of course, impossible for a group of twelve people…

Moreover, the plot is straight and holds the tension only till the middle of the film. Due to the small amount of characters you may easily guess what is going to happen in the end.

However, I still enjoyed watching the movie. Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40000 has great graphics and nice-looking fighting scenes. In addition, the plot isn’t that bad. It may not be the best one, but an average rate will perfectly suit it. 🙂

I have also to mention that I really liked the character of Sean Pertwee, Proteus. He is powerful, young and loyal, which makes him more than charismatic.

Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40000 trailer

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